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This is a meme that’s going around started by Jeff Pulver. As far as I understand, if you don’t get tagged, you can still hop on board the meme train. I’m starting a new branch here, and I’ll tag five bloggers below. You don’t have to tag anyone else, but you should at least publish a similar post.

So here are 5 things you probably don’t know about me. Then again, I’m a digital chatterbox, and I’ve probably written about most of these tidbits somewhere. And it’s the reason I’ve probably managed to stuff about 15 things about me into 5. You’ll see how much of an ultrageek I am.

  1. Computers. I started computer programming in Grade 10, in El Cerrito, California, working on bubble cards. We had to fill out the cards and wait several days to a week for the results to return from a computer at Lawrence Livermore in Berkeley (if I remember correctly). [Yeah, I’m Canadian, but my father, a now-retired math professor, had a sabbatical there.] I also once crashed a university’s IBM mainframe in my adopted hometown trying to solve the 8 Queens chess problem.
  2. Music. I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan, and have even been told I resemble him, at different stages in my life (including when I worked in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000). I guess my Elvis/ James Dean haircut at the time didn’t help. While I don’t look like him right now (more like a long-haired graybeard out of Lord of the Rings), it’s the reason I’ve been called Elvis Parsley, the Curry Elvis. Other than Elvis, though, I’m not into mainstream music. I compose stuff similar to Moby and listen to a diverse group of musicians including Johnny Cash and Marc Bolan (T-Rex). Obviously, I don’t consider Cash, The Man in Black, as being mainstream. But despite all that, I used to be a “Goth”, though instead of makeup and nail polish like Darren Rowse says he had, I had a 9-inch “unicorn” spike of hair. And a Rockabilly. And into Ska (even shaved my head).
  3. Knowledge. In my very early teens, I used to learn one new word (English) from the dictionary before going to sleep each night. I also used to add together two 5-digit numbers and multiply two 3 digit numbers in my head, after learning a new word. Small wonder I majored in Comp Sci and minored in Math + Stats. Talk about geeky.
  4. Story-telling. I’ve been telling or writing stories since I was 5 years old, but didn’t publish my first (and currently only) print magazine until I was about 32 (Chaos Review, now an ultra-geek science-tech website of mine). For one issue, I taught myself Japanese so that I could interview fun Japanese girl band Shonen Knife for my old print mag, Chaos. I wrote out my entire interview in Japanese (Romaji script), greeted Michie the lead, then promptly forgot everything out of nervousness. Though the band was so impressed they had the PR person cancel the two other interviews going on in the room (Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Canada) and I had the band all to myself.
  5. Self-improvement. I once was an angry young sort-of-punk, but I’ve been a punk-monk for 10 years now. I almost followed the path of a Buddhist monk, but for reasons I won’t get into, I was unable to. I’ve done my 10,000+ hours of meditation, though not all of it under a Master. Hence why I am not an actual Buddhist monk, and why I break some of my 5 vows (though I haven’t straight out lied in 10 years). I call myself a somewhat still peeved “Broodhist” monk, and absolve myself my own sins, should I stray. My current long-term project is to research the parallels between Quantum Physics/ Mechanics and Buddhist/ Yogic meditation.

I tag Andy Boyd, Abhinav Kaiser, Ahmed Bilal, John Rudzinski, and Brett Bumeter.

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