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Art Therapy is a technique sometimes used to teach autistic or troubled children or even adults. But it has immense value for anyone because it reduces your current inhibitions and breaks down any mental walls.

Artmaker points to the site Jackson Pollock, which lets you create your own instant Jackson Pollock “paint thrown on canvas” masterpieces. Try it and you’ll see why Art Therapy is in fact incredibly therapeutic. Using this tool is like a visual primal scream. It’s a great visual and mental stimulator when you’re suffering from a case of writer’s or learner’s block.

To get tonal variation, press and hold your left mouse button. If you release and re-depress the button, the colour changes. Bound to either annoy the heck out of you or captivate you and spark some ideas. Try some minimalist “paintings”, capture 10 different snapshots, then post thumbnails on your own gallery page, each hyperlinked to the full size. Any time you suffer a mental block, go visit your gallery or add to it.

Here is a Flash video example of the Jackson Pollock tool in action (Flash video, 1.8 Mb). You may need to use Internet Explorer if you do not have the SWF (Flash) plugin installed in your browser.

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