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To further my new topic direction on this site, I’ve put together an initial mind map representing the topics I’ll be discussing here, based both on my own knowledge and that of what I’m researching at the moment. Some of the topics overlap my Prosperity Project site (more on that later), Steve Pavlina, Life Hack, Life Hacker, and others. Keep in mind that I’ve been following these topics since approximately 1975, from even before I first laid hands on a computer in 1977, when my father had a sabbatical at Berkeley University. The techniques I’ll discuss often work from first principles, using pen and paper, but can be translated into digital form. I’ll mix the two together and, when appropriate, let you choose how you want to follow along.

My basic, over-arching agenda is this: to push that supposed 10% of our brains that we supposedly only use. I’ll be straightforward enough to say that I feel that I have achieved far beyond that, but want to go as far as possible, and essentially want to share my techniques. They’ll be here for you if you want to follow along. Anything you don’t follow, you can drop a comment or question, but I would expect you to also do your own research to keep up with me. If you want to push your knowledge and IQ, then come back often. (And challenge me, too.)

By the way, if you cannot view the above PNG topic map, here it is in PDF form. It’s just a placeholder for now, to give you an idea of the direction I’m going, and will be expanded upon later.

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