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While being immersed in writing for “clients”, I’ve had not only no time to work on my own blogs, beyond a post here and there, I’ve also completely lost track of why I started blogging in the first place: to learn and to teach. Learning and teaching is a centuries old tradition in both my family lines (mother, father) and in retrospect is what I am best at. Aside from an appreciation of art and music, my upbringing was to value knowledge and education above all else.

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some education-related writing lately, and it reminded me of my own learning and teaching research of 30 years. I’ve been studying learning and memory techniques since my mid-teens. When I was a college teaching assistant, I spent even more time learning how we humans learn. This quest for knowledge has stuck with me, but until I started reading weblogs such as the inspirational Steve Pavlina, I didn’t realize that there was an online market for learning.

Learning goes well beyond just personal development. My angle is that efficient communication – which this weblog is still about – requires constant learning. That said, this site is now going to focus on learning techniques. I’ll say in advance that some of the topics I’ll discuss here will be fairly intense tutorials meant to expand your I.Q. And as diagrams are important for communication, and since I love to create them, you should see lots of diagrams here. All of the (future) diagrams are under a CC (Creative Commons) and you are welcome to reprint them on your website/ weblog provided you give attribution (i.e., at least a link back to this site.)

I’ll be adding a few ebooks to the mix, as I am able.

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