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Copyright protection has been a hot issue lately, especially in the blogosphere. A category of software called “sitescrapers” exists solely to steal other people’s content and quickly build a website. The intent is that search engines will index such scraped sites, and because of the volume of content, the site will rank high and thus grab more web traffic. Traffic of course translates into online advertising dollars.

While the reality is some scraped sites are succeeding, search engine companies are constantly improving their indexing algorithms to avoid unfairly giving advantages to a “splog” (spam blog) and other scraped websites. In the meantime, however, many bloggers are complaining that their content is being lifted in its entirety (including the ads!), without permission.

What can bloggers and other online writers do to combat this content theft? Jonathan Bailey, who runs the website Plagiarism Today, has had his content stolen several times and decided to do something about it – with great success, as he told me in an email interview, posted at