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Count Wordula is a project of Chameleon Integration Systems, run by me, Raj Kumar Dash. I offer a variety of writing-related services including. (My credentials are at the end of this page). In no particular order:

  1. General consultation about how weblogs can be used to promote your business. Instructions on blogging for employee use. This could include an e-report or ebook about “blogging”, sometimes called weblogging, online writing, or citizen journalism.
  2. General technology articles for print or online/blogging use (different terms; fee varies by length, use and frequency of writing).
  3. Product-specific blogging. I will write a weblog on your website about your products, provided that I like them and feel that they are innovative/ useful. This means that you must send samples of your products. (I can return them if you provide postage or shipping.) Preference is towards consumer electronics, software, or even web-related services.
  4. Technical writing for your product manuals.
  5. Tech product brochures (design sourced out).
  6. Articles and design for company e-newsletters or Intranet website. (Website graphic design is sourced out.)
  7. Product reviews. I do not charge for these, however, I must receive a copy of your product and any relevant brochures. I have no problem returning product, provided that you have supplied the necessary pre-paid return postage and envelopes/ boxes, or your courier company account number. I make no guarantee that I’ll like your product, but I do try to be fair and unbiased.

All services are typically priced by the project and thus depend on scope and length. Despite the seriousness of the information above (and payment details below), I try to keep my prices affordable, and I’m easily approachable. Unless you are based in the Toronto, Canada area (or within an hour southwest), all business is conducted via virtual meetings (email, Instant Messaging, chat), you must be comfortable conducting business like this. If I have to work onsite or have any meetings onsite (Canada only), fees will be much higher. Regardless, in most cases, fees are paid as follows:

  1. Estimate is free, if initial meetings are conducted online. I rarely do onsite initial meetings unless you are geographically close. After I deliver the “functional specifications”, project timeline, and quote, you sign a go-ahead on the project via PDF file.
  2. Once the project fee is agreed upon, 33% of it must either be paid into my Paypal account, or by cheque/ check or money order. If special materials or tools are needed, these must be supplied by you to me, or paid for in advance. The project will not start until payment is received.
  3. When I deliver the watermarked first draft of the necessary written materials, another 33% of the agreed-upon project fee must be paid. If any functional changes are requested by you, there will be an addtional to-be-agreed-upon fee for revisions. Otherwise, you will read over the drafts and supply requests for any minor editorial revisions.
  4. When the penultimate draft is delivered, the remaining 33% fee must be paid. I will then remove all watermarks and send the final digital copies – or hardcopies, if agreed upon in the project specs.

The above details do not apply to regular blogging assignments where you are paying me by Paypal or similar online method. If you are interested in writing-related service that is not listed above, feel free to mention it. I welcome clients from any country. While I am familiar with either the printed or verbal form of several languages (including French and Japanese), I am only fluent in English. Thus, all dealings and generated materials will be in English.

To discuss a project, please email me at rdash001-at-yahoo-dot-ca (mangled to fool spambots). I will then email you my private email address. Please including the words “Count Wordula Services Query” in the subject line of your email.


In addition to nearly 30 years as a computer programmer (20+ in the workforce), I have broad experience in math, science, and general tech topics. I’ve worked as a webmaster, technical writer, trainer, teaching assistant, computer programmer/ analyst, database admin, system admin, and consultant at many large and small companies over many years, including:

USA: The Weather Channel

Canada: IBM Canada, Altamira Financial, Sun Life Financial, NCR Canada, Bell Sygma (consulting wing of Bell Canada – later called CGI Group), Open Text Corporation, Bell-Northern Research (a division of Nortel, once called NT and Northern Telecom).

To balance out my tech-head bent, I do a lot of writing, both technical and creative. Previously, this has included writing for local, national and international newspapers and magazines, as well as publishing my own monthly entertainment magazine, and designing and co-writing a book on web programming in PHP and mySQL.

Presently, this includes writing for 4 weblog editors for a total of 5 weblogs, with more in the works. This is in addition to my own weblogs/ websites, which amount to approximately 30 and cover a diversity of topics.

I am also TESOL-qualified, meaning that I have the skills to teach English to speakers of ESL (English as a Second Language).

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