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You’ve likely heard of “affirmations”. They’re a set of nice things you tell yourself will happen/ are happening to you. You write them down to make them concrete, and then you repeat them each morning and each night, so that they become embedded in your pscyhe, setting the state of mind required to accomplish these mini-goals or and situtations.

This is a powerful way to accomplish goals. I know, because I used to use them for many years. But for long, complex reasons I won’t get into here (yet), I haven’t done affirmations for many years – since shortly after my last offline contract ended, or about five years. Yet just over a week ago, mid-week, being excited at some of my future prospects, I fired up a fresh mindmap and recorded some new affirmations.

What happened? A sequence of “bad” things:

  1. My computer shuts down on its own less than an hour after I made my affirmations. I couldn’t turn it back on until morning, and the error message was not encouraging. (I’ve never seen such a message, despite my decades of computer and web programming experience.)
  2. Since I make my living online, I get a bit worried and make my next computer purchase early. I thought I’d lost my computer and all the data and software on it. But the service desk managed to resolve the problem.
  3. Of course, my cash flow is impacted and I have to end several small partnered projects.
  4. Some of my writers understandably get upset that I have to pay them “late” for November work. (I usually try to pay immediately at the beginning of the next month, even though I don’t get paid until mid-month, and sometimes even longer, by the time money gets transferred from PayPal to my bank account.) The unfortunate part is that several of them didn’t have the courtesy to tell me they were quitting, and in some cases I end up having to do their assigned work for several weeks.
  5. Today, I lose one of my big freelancing gigs due to budget restraints.
  6. My plan to get a car after five years without (I was trying to be green, but also couldn’t afford it) is going to be delayed. Unfortunately, I need the car to accept a big gig offered to me tentatively for February.
  7. Either that or move to Toronto immediately, which isn’t working just yet, as I mentioned in How to be happy.

However, despite this sequence of normally stressful events, I have this really weird feeling that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s hard to explain it, but I feel as if the old saying “when one door closes, another opens” is happening to me multi-fold. Let’s see what happens.

Addendum: Be careful what you wish for, because in setting that in motion, you might lose other things.

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