Who’s Dooming Who? Or Strange Bedfellows

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Media moguls have always had the advantage over the rest of humanity in that they can easily spread their viewpoint of the world in their newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. Not surprisingly, most media moguls are for any policies or politicians that favour big business. And as a result, these moguls are often labelled right-wing.

This is what Senator Hillary Clinton, wife of US ex-President Clinton, implied a few years ago, when President Clinton was going through a great deal of criticism for his extra-curricular activities in the White House. I don’t remember if she explicitly criticized Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch (whose News Corporation includes right-leaning Fox TV in the US), but the implication was there.

So it comes as quite a surprise, to me anyway, that Murdoch is hosting a fundraiser for Senator Clinton. Does this spell doom for Clinton’s aspiration to be a president – the first female US president? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

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